Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Week 2 of the roof

I arrived back in Preuilly on Monday afternoon to discover that the metal sheeting had been removed from the "hangar". By the end of Tuesday the hangar was completely demolished, as was the old stone chimney (which was rotten).

In the meantime, I have been visited by M. Chaboisson to do an estimate on replacing the staircase (which is rotten where it still exists, due to the chimney being rotten). Another step collapsed when M. Chaboisson was on it, and we agreed that it was probably time something was done. We have agreed that I will demolish the old staircase, which is pretty solid where it hasn't rotted. This means another pile of demolition stuff for me to organise to get to the tip. I need a trailer....

Hot News
Apparently the boulangerie at the bottom of the main street (next to Petit Casino) has closed. This was sudden and unexpected- on Friday morning it just didn't open. My sources say that it has been sold, and will reopen in a couple of weeks. I feel a tinge of guilt, as I have been buying fewer treats for myself than in the past.


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