Saturday, 15 September 2007

Excitement, Preuilly style

Yesterday the roofing team arrived back from lunch in the big green digger they have been using as scaffolding. Unfortunately, the diff was on fire, sending clouds of smoke into the air and causing a stench. Pics will follow in 10 days time.

On a less dramatic front, we will soon (Tuesday) have a telephone. I went into Chatellerault on Thursday and arranged it all. Compared to EDF, it was painless. Talking of whom..... We should have electricity on Wednesday. Hopefully they will also fit a couple of plugs (prises) so we can use it.

We also have no chimneys now. The second chimney (the one at the back of the house)has been demolished. Unfortunately, this was done while I was at the hardware store, so I arrived home to find the whole of the inside of the house covered in a couple of millimetres of oily soot where it had come down the hole for the range hood. It took me hours to clean up, because everything was black and sticky.

C'est la vie.............


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Anonymous said...

Simon and Susan,
The first time we have checked your blog for some time now.
Fantastic news that the roof is underway. It looks great. It looks like Simon may be able to get work as a window refitter if necessary! Well done.

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