Sunday, 13 October 2019

The Mount Moffatt Slab Hut

Just outside Mt Moffat National Park there is a remnant of European settlement of the area: a slab hut and stockyard. We can't tell you much about either: When we visited in the mid 1990's there was no information board, and judging by the internet there is still no information board.

Slab huts were once common in Australia, but are fast disappearing. Tree trunks are cut to length, then split to make the slabs. This means that the thickness and width of the slabs vary, but the lengths are regular. This hut has a tin roof (corrugated iron) but often the roofing was wooden (shingles) as well.

From what I read there is now picnic seating near the hut, but back then there were no facilities at all.

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