Saturday, 13 July 2019


On our way to Switzerland last year we took the scenic route - we weren't in a hurry, so why not see a part of the world we have never seen before. I plotted a route via Germany, Austria and Liechtenstein which took us through part of the Black Forest, and across the top of Lake Constance (Bodensee) through Friedrichshafen.

Friedrichshafen itself was one long traffic jam, so to amuse myself whilst waiting at a traffic light, I looked up. Then I remembered - Friedrichshafen was the home of Zeppelin, and the place where many of the WW1 bombing raids on Britain started from.

We saw the airship again when we stopped for lunch in Austria, and managed to get a slightly better photo.

Yet another frisson of excitement bought on by a trip to Switzerland - a Zeppelin in its home town. Ace!


Travel said...

They sell site seeing rides on the Zeppelin, we did that in 2015, it was amazing.

Susan said...

Ooooh! That does sound like fun!

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