Wednesday, 24 July 2019

No Blog Today

Yesterday was just too hot.

This photo was taken at 17:48 in the shade in the coolest part of our garden.
Heat index was (supposedly) 48°C


chm said...

I remember 1947 in Paris when it didn't rain to speak of from May to October and the temperature peaked at 40.4 C on 28 July. It might get that hot tomorrow or the day after.

Did you find which Preuilly it was?

Le Pré de la Forge said...

Simon... we have a thermo out in the potager... in direct sun...
it can't read above 50 Centipede... yesterday it read "--"
So I think your "realfeel" was exceeded... we tend to be a bit cooler out in the country... especially in the valleys!!

Susan said...

Tomorrow is supposed to be hotter, and we've had a record number of days without rain (can't remember how many).

It is our Preuilly, and they lived at Humeau. Lots of fascinating remeniscences coming out. More to come in a blog post in October.

Susan said...

The reflected heat from the street and buildings is really noticeable.

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