Friday, 22 February 2019

February 2019 News From Preuilly

The local council has had their monthly meeting and here is an overview of the topics covered and decisions taken.

The municipal finances are looking healthy with nearly half a million euros invested. Money from this fund has been earmarked for a revision of the town plan, new street lighting, the covered stand at the sports ground, a communal water heater, a dojo (?? are we getting a martial arts hall??), the endless and bungled roadworks in rue de la Fontaine, and the conversion of the preschool to a kids activity centre. The crematorium at the cemetery is also full, so money has been allocated to build a new one.

Photographed by Susan from Loire Valley Time Travel.

Greenway Project
The communauté des communes Loches Sud Touraine is managing the conversion of the old railway line into a greenway. The investment will be about 1.8 million euros for the LST once grants have been taken into account. Communes like Preuilly, through which the track crosses, have been asked what development they propose to increase the attractiveness of the project. Preuilly is proposing to create 15 parking places near the former station, plus a picnic area, toilets and sinks in the area. This work is seen as linked to the proposed improvements to the market place in the centre of town. The mayor presented a new plan for the market place which includes angle parking down the western side. Residents of the square have been consulted and it was confirmed that there would be a public meeting to discuss the plans before any decision would be taken.
Photographed by Susan from Loire Valley Time Travel.

Pollution Complaints
Loches Sud Touraine has lodged a formal complaint against a grazier with 300 head of cattle within the boundries of the commune of Preuilly sur Claise. The allegation is that he has polluted the environment and the streams that flow into the Claise. The council are thinking of referring the complaint to the French Biodiversity Agency.

Student Grants
Eleven third and fourth graders from Preuilly go to school in Yzeures sur Creuse and these classes are off on a five day school trip to Courtenay. The trip will include activities, medieval workshops and a visit to the Chateau of Guédelon. The cost per pupil is €330 and Preuilly council will subsidise them to the tune of €50 per pupil.

Solar Farm
A modification of the urban plan has been made to allow the creation of a solar farm on the site of the former Dennery factory.

Here is the report of the meeting in the local paper (in French).


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potty said...

No comment on the closure of the shop in your last post?

Colin and Elizabeth said...

"The crematorium at the cemetery is also full" Suppose thats due to the age of the population! 24 hour burning perhaps!

Susan said...

No, at least not reported in the paper (perhaps being discrete). I've no doubt it was discussed, at least informally. Sadly it has now been overshadowed by a much more significant closure, which I'll be writing about soon.

Susan said...

Yes, I assume so -- with a third of the population living in the aged care facility I guess it's inevitable. But last year we had 9 births in town! Twice as many as previous years!

Debs said...

Oh No, what is closing now? can you give us a hint?

Susan said...

Think Preuilly 'institution'. Just about to write it up now, will publish on Tuesday.

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