Monday, 16 June 2014

Buildings in Bracieux

Bracieux is a town in the Sologne, near the Chateau of Chambord. There are some attractive buildings there, and some decent restaurants.

 A very spick and span looking timber framed house with brick infill.

 The covered market. Some elements are clearly 19th century, but others may be earlier.

 Covered market interior.


  1. We had a very decent lunch in Bracieux last year and noticed the interesting buildings.
    We mean to go back and try another restaurant.

  2. Ken and Walt were my guests last Thursday at the Relais d'Artémis in Bracieux, a restaurant I highly recommend. [Publicité non-payée!] LOL

  3. I like the "Colombard, but we can do better!" construction of that first building....
    and the timber in the covered market is lovely!!

    Off post...
    if you get a chance to drive to Descartes along the Le Blanc / Yzeures / Descartes road...
    do so!!
    Just after the sand quarry on the right there is the most amazing field that is almost entirely Cornflowers...
    as we approached, Pauline thought it was a crop of flax...
    until we realized it was actually a rape crop!!

  4. So that's where that house is! I have a similar photo that I keep wanting to publish but didn't remember where it came from! I love that little market and there's a great restaurant we like going to that puts its tables under it.