Friday, 26 May 2023

Éolienne Bollée

We've written about Eoliennes Bollée a number of times, but not (I think) this one.

This Eolienne Bollée Type 1 with a turbine diameter of 2.5 metres is at La Gabillère, the chateau that houses the agricultural college (high school) in Amboise. The school specialises in winemaking and horse husbandry.

In 1893 the owner of the chateau  installed the éolienne to supply the château with water and irrigate the grounds. The wind turbine was listed as a historic monument in 1991 - the chateau itself isn't listed.

During World War Two the éolienne was shot up by German troops, and the bullet holes can still be seen. It's not operational, but it is complete apart from the vane that turns the turbine into the wind.

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