Monday 6 December 2021

Lamb in a Box

In the summer I ordered half a lamb from our local sheep farmers, the Bottemines at Les Effes, who raise a breed called Charmoise. The lamb was to be ready in November, and sure enough, Charlie Bottemine emailed me in mid-November to say I could pick it up.

Boxes of lamb, Indre et Loire, France. Photo by Loire Valley Time Travel.Boxes of lamb, Indre et Loire, France. Photo by Loire Valley Time Travel.
Boxes of lamb in the refrigerated van on the farm.

In our box of lamb was a leg, a boned rolled shoulder, three packs of mixed bits for stewing, six packs of four chops or cutlets, two slices of liver and two kidneys, all vacpacked and ready to eat or freeze. It weighed 7.3 kilograms and cost €117. We ate some cutlets that night and the liver the next night. We are delighted and will definitely be buying direct from the farm again.


chm said...

Lamb is the best tasting meat in my opinion. Mutton too.

Colin and Elizabeth said...

In a past life when my farmer uncle was still farming he used to have lambs slaughtered and prepared and we used to buy half a lamb like that. It was great and as I remember it was about £35 circa 1980ish.

Susan said...

chm: lamb/hoggett/mutton is my favourite too.
Colin and Elizabeth: the nice thing about buying from the producer is that the lamb can be a bit older and more flavourful.

bonnie groves poppe said...

I did that a couple of years ago, but was not very happy. Awful lot of offal, which I don't care for, too gamy tasting. Plus what do you do with lungs, yuck.
bonnie in provence

Susan said...

bonnie groves poppe: luckily we love most offal (although I wouldn't know what to do with lungs either). I was pleased to get a little offal, that was actually a bit unexpected.

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