Tuesday, 11 August 2020

Swimming at Preuilly

After a troubled beginning to the season, the municipal swimming pool in Preuilly sur Claise is now open and running smoothly. Many thanks are due to the willingness of the new municipal team to tackle the expense of changing the filters, plugging the major leak, as well as monitoring the water quality on a daily basis now and fixing the showers. It is such a nice pool and we are very lucky.

André, Paris Bruno and Paola swimming.
Municipal swimming pool, Preuilly sur Claise. Indre et Loire. France. Photo by Loire Valley Time Travel.

We swim most mornings, with friends, and it is never crowded. Covid19 means that we have to arrive and leave in our bathers because the changing rooms are not open, but apart from that there is now not much difference between this year and last. A couple of faces are missing, due to personal choice, and that's a shame, but the rest of us are getting on with setting goals and working towards achieving them.

Simon swimming. The swimmer cruising along in backstroke on the left is Paris Bruno, 
a qualified lifeguard and champion swimmer.

Me swimming. The swimmer following me, in the white cap, is Paola.

According to Philippe, the new maïtre-nageur (life guard/pool manager), my style is 'décontracté'. It means 'laid-back' and it is a compliment. Several times I've overheard him telling other swimmers to watch how I do it. There are actually many things I could improve in my swimming, but what he's really trying to get through to other swimmers is that they shouldn't windmill, flail or thrash, and they should not be afraid to put their head under water and keep it there as much as possible. Relax, slow down, breath out underwater, lift your head just enough to take a breath every now and then, rhythmically.


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