Friday, 15 November 2019

A New Cheese (for us)

A couple of weeks ago Susan was doing the shopping at Intermarché. Whilst there she bought a cheese we hadn't seen before.

Of course, being a Touraine cheese it's chevre (goats' cheese) - there is no cow cheese made here, all the cows milk goes to either milk, butter or yoghurt. This cheese is really very good - it was the perfect age - softly chalky in the middle, but there was a layer of tangy creaminess just below the salt and ash exterior. Perfect.

Doesn't everybody colour code their cheese to match the kitchen worktops?

I am not sure how often we will see this cheese, but it needs buying again.


Le Pré de la Forge said...

There is one cow cheese made here... Limousin Freres do a tome from their moo cows... only available from their shop along with the Chevre garlic sausage.
They also did... not sure if they still do... a tome for La Borde from their milk.

Susan said...

I thought both those tomes were goat?! But it's true that there is the odd person around making cows milk cheese eg Fromagerie Maurice, and others.

Le Pré de la Forge said...

The La Borde tome is most definitely from La Borde milk... the sweet, little tow-along tanker gets pulled past here towards La Borde by the Limousin Freres van... and goes back full, towed by the La Borde van!!
They don't have goats at La Borde.

Susan said...

And I don't think Limousin freres have dairy cows.

Le Pré de la Forge said...

Then what are the B&W ones with udders that are often in the field between the nearest property and the road between the Proolie/Etableau/GP road and Petit Pressigny... or are they not theirs

Susan said...

I suspect they are not theirs. I've taken clients there and no mention of dairy cows. The focus was on the goats (milking, feeding, cheesemaking) pluse we got taken to see the Blondes d'Aquitaine beefs and the carriage horses, but no dairy cows. No mention of dairy cows on their Bienvenue a la ferme page either.

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