Friday, 9 August 2019

Life with Classic Cars

Life has been interesting lately - Claudette (born 1956) has had a serious issue with cutting out and restarting - quite violently at times. Of course, being intermittant it means that when she has visited the garagiste she has behaved impeccably - so much so that sometimes I think Alexandre thinks I am losing my marbles.

So far we have replaced all the filters (fuel, air) and spark plugs, checked the fuel lines, tested the spark plug leads and distributor, rebuilt the carburetor and given her a good tune-up. We also used an octane improver (expensive) to counter any effects of ethanol laced fuel.

This has had an effect, but not completely cured the problem.

Meanwhile, Célestine (born 1953) has had brake issues. They shuddered and juddered, and sometimes didn't release properly. This was caused by dust from the brake shoes: they must have been a particularly soft set we used last year. We have put harder shoes on which should wear less, and the brakes are now as smooth as you could wish. Hopefully they should wear less, and the problems go away.

Both cars have also visited the carroserie (pamel beaters) to have some little rust issues addressed.

Célestine and Claudette together last week. It doesn't happen often

Célestine had her two yearly Controle Technique (government roadworthy test) yesterday. She was rated as "impeccable" by the mechanic, which is always a relief. That's both cars done now, with no issues to be sorted.

Except for the next issue...


chm said...

There's always a new problem with old people. I'm a living [still] exemple of that! Wish I could go to a garagiste and have everything fixed!

Jean said...

Beautiful cars. Well worth a little tlc.

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