Wednesday, 14 August 2019


On Saturday, for the first time in ages (ten years), one of the Tractions had a flat tyre. We had only just picked the clients up, and got a few kilometres down the road. Simon pulled up on a garage forecourt (they were on holiday so couldn't help). He got the tools and spare wheel out of the boot and set about changing the wheel, without fuss or drama. The clients took it in good spirit and treated it as part of the adventure -- even helping! (He was an engineer who was keen to get hands on with some mechanicals, and she took pictures to send to the kids to show what their father was really up to.) Twenty minutes later we were on our way again.

While I was with the clients visiting Cheverny, Simon took the flat to a nearby garage to have our spare inner tube fitted and the wheel reinstated. Despite being packed with cars waiting for repairs and super holiday period busy, the garage owner, an older guy, directed one of his staff to drop what he was doing and sort Claudette out immediately. There turned out to be a tiny pinhole in the inner tube, and he was most impressed that we were carrying a spare inner tube.


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TimBDesign said...

You must have been in scouts Simon - Be prepared.

Susan said...

He was! His mum ran the local troop.

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