Sunday, 12 May 2019

Ten Years

It's 10 years ago today since we arrived at our house with all our goods to become residents of France.

The last 10 years have been a bit of an adventure - getting to grips with life in a new language, starting a business, and meeting many kind, interesting, and helpful people. Along the way we have done a mountain of house restoration, discovered the joys of classic motoring, and been warmly welcomed by our new neighbours as members of the community.

We have even managed to unpack many of these boxes.
Photograph Susan Walter. Tour the Loire Valley with a classic car and a private guide.

It hasn't all been easy or fun, but it's been good.

You can read about our moving adventures here


chm said...

Happy 10th year anniversary to both of you.

Susan said...

Thank you.

Carolyn said...

Ten years! I've enjoyed every day of your blog, starting even before your move. At first I wasn't sure I needed another France blog to read, but when Simon showed a photo of Susan all bundled up reading in a tent indoors, I could see that following your lives would be interesting.

Isn't it about time for Steve to make an appearance? I'm leaving home before our Siberian irises bloom, so I hope Steve will soon be camera-ready.

Congratulations on ten years, and many thanks for being interesting every day.

Sheila said...

I was also thinking about Steve and wondering how he's doing. I always marveled at those great meals you managed to turn out using a hot plate.
We've all learned a lot from your and Simon's posts.

Susan said...

Steve died a few years ago. His legacy lives on in the pseudo-Steves, who had a fantastic year last year. This year has been cold so I think they'll be late. The regular irises are at their peak now.

Susan said...

It was amazing how much one could do in what was little more than a camping kitchen! I do like having Big Berta though, and granite benchtops.

Rhodesia said...

It was 15 years ago we bought our house here, though we did not move permanently until Nigel retired in 1914, we have never looked back. Cheers Diane

Susan said...

We bought the house in 2006.

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