Thursday, 26 August 2021

Covid19 Stats For This Week in the Loire Valley

 I thought readers might be interested to see the latest figures on Covid19 for the Loire Valley (strictly speaking, the Département d'Indre et Loire, the 'county' around Tours) where we live.

Getting Covid19 vaccination at the GP's surgery, Indre et Loire, France. Photo by Loire Valley Time Travel.
Simon getting his first jab from the GP back in March.

Cases are at 109 per 100 000 in the département and falling. The incidence is 157 per 100 000 in the City.

2.2% of people tested are positive.

87% of adults have had one dose of vaccine.
78% of adults are fully vaccinated.
60% of adolescents have been vaccinated.


Jean said...

That's about half of the incidence in our area back in the UK, where cases, hospitalisations and deaths are slowly rising. Which is not surprising considering that all measures such as mask wearing, social distancing, etc., are now all optional.
The numbers are higher than this time last year when a second wave was predicted. Goodness only knows what the situation will be in a few months' time, after kids are back in school and furlough ends. The number of deaths amount to the equivalent of a plane crash every week, something that would normally be unthinkable, but as it's mainly the vulnerable and unvaccinated that are succumbing to the virus, the government don't seem to care. What a state of affairs.

Carolyn said...

Excellent vaccination rates. Our county has the third lowest vaccination rate in Pennsylvania. There's a widespread belief that covid is just like the flu, so why get vaccinated? We go out for an errand and we're the only people wearing masks.

We expect to feel safer in France. We've been keeping an eye on covidtracker and see that the reproduction rate in France is now down to 1. We'll be going to the Orne, Mayenne, and Sarthe which are all orange on the map at the moment but cases are dropping. We're packing our CDC cards (and E got a passe sanitaire to boot) and looking forward to seeing France again.

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