Sunday, 21 February 2021

Double White-banded Noctuid Moth

The Double White-banded Noctuid moth Donuca rubropicta is a striking day flying Australian moth. The heavy white bands line up to form continuous bright horizontal stripes when the moth is sitting in its natural resting position. The large eyespots add to the dramatic effect.

Double White-banded Noctuid Moth Donuca rubropicta, Iluka, New South Wales, Australia. Photo by Loire Valley Time Travel.

In this photo there is a glimpse of the bright scarlet edges of the abdomen and hind wing margin. From wingtip to wingtip the moth is about 5cm across.


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chm said...

At first sight, I thought it was some kind of marine unidentified object! Une soucoupe volante sous-marine.
Marvels of nature! Beautiful photo.

Susan said...

chm -- like a ray! I can see that.

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