Sunday, 29 September 2019

Rock Art at Mount Moffatt

I can find precious little information about the rock art of Mount Moffatt online. Plenty of photos, not much fact. I'm adding to that problem!

One of the reasons for us going to Mount Moffatt was to see the rock art. It's the only time I have seen Aboriginal rock art in the wild (as it were). Human occupation of the area dates back about 20,000 years, but it seems pretty well accepted that the visible art dates back to no more than 200 years. (I'm willing to be disabused on that one...)

From what I remember (and judging by the ferns in the foreground) the figure in the above painting was child sized. Imagine being able to convince a child to stand still long enough to be able silhouette them with what amounts to dyed spit.

These are the only two photos I took of the rock art. These days I would take many more, but I only had a roll of 36 shots to last 8 days - and this was day 2.


chm said...

Does that mean that all rock art in Australia is 200 years old, or that much, much older rock art can be found elsewhere in Australia, especially in the Northern Territory?

Susan said...

Most Aboriginal rock art would be much older in origin although there could easily be more recent work mingled with the older.

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