Wednesday, 27 February 2019

Saint Dominique

Photographed by Susan from Loire Valley Time Travel.
Saint Dominique contemplating the serpent.

This was a serendipetous shot taken at Martin Looker's sculpture exhibition in the Espace Mose, La Roche Posay. The exhibition has been extended by a week, so if you haven't made it there yet, go along. You'll most likely get to meet the artist himself, and he's a thoroughly nice chap.


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sillygirl said...

How funny that things were just right for that photo and his head and face were so perfect!

Sheila said...

Mr. Looker is standing directly in front of the piece which interested me the most in your first post about the exhibit. Wonder whether he used some sort of acid on a metal object to get that effect.

Le Pré de la Forge said...


Susan said...

I know! Not just the halo, but the downcast solemn expression and his facial hair is perfect too.

Susan said...

Not sure which work you mean. Martin is the bloke standing on a chair giving a speech in the first post. He doesn't appear in the other photos. I don't think he uses acid, just works with what nature gives him and adds paint strategically.

Susan said...

I was quite pleased with myself :-)

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