Wednesday, 9 January 2019

Municipal Recycling and Mulching

The mulch is recycled ground up tree branches from pruning. Photo taken by Susan of Loire Valley Time Travel.

The other day I encountered one of our municipal workers putting fresh mulch on the garden beds out the front of the Post Office. The mulch is ground up tree branches from the council's pruning program so the municipality is recycling in a thoroughly economical and ecological way.


Winter is the time that Simon looks at our website, updates the prices, and does any little changes that might make us more user friendly. This year he has transferred us to a secured server, and made a couple of minor changes, but for the first time he is really feeling out of his depth with all the ancilliary coding - sitemaps, php, htaccess, and htc are foreign languages. And then there's the mystery cookies warning that should only pop up once, but randomly reappears...

If there's anyone out there who knows about this kind of stuff and who would care to cast an eye over his efforts (and there's really not much of it) we'd really appreciate it.

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