Thursday, 10 January 2019

A Walk in the Cold

Our last walking club outing for 2018 was on Thursday 13 December, around Le Grand Pressigny. The weather was bleak, misty and the temperature didn't get above about 2C. Here are some pictures from the walk:

A lovely rustic shutter on a barn in a hamlet.

A view of one of the chateau towers.

Rosehips are in abundance this year in the hedgerows and brownfield sites.

Another glimpse through the mist, this time of both the chateau towers.

The self-proclaimed 'Free Commune of Mouillepot'
 - just outside Le Grand Pressigny, but separate and independent.

Hounds in their kennel -- for once not completely concreted over.

Look at all our river technician Yohann's good work in restoring the natural flow of the Claise.

Where the Aigronne meets the Claise.


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Katie Zeller said...

It looks like an interesting walk.... More so then mine. I walk with my neighbor every Thurs 13km. Today was COLD!

Susan said...

This was also 13 km, and I agree, an excellent walk with lots to see. We are blessed with many such walks here. I also agree that yesterday was COLD. I went to the market in the morning, but spent the afternoon in front of the fire wrapped in a blanket.

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