Friday, 2 November 2007

A Dirty Kitchen

Part of the "having the roof replaced" exercise involved having the chimneys demolished. The chimney over the kitchen will one day contain the pipework for the hob fan, but at the moment it is a grimy, greasy, soot laden hole into the kitchen down which stuff can fall.

The top of the chimney was demolished while I was out, causing all the sooty grease (probably a couple of hundred years worth) to fall into the kitchen. It took 6 hours (and a bottle of gas*) to clean.

* We don't have hot water in the house. To get hot water we have to heat it on a gas stove.


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Anonymous said...

Hi again.
It´s almost like you still were there, in Preuilly. Nice kitchen, by the way. A modern "compactliving" one. Hope you made contact with the EDF and that the architect has delivered. Our maconier had just started the work on our facade. And our car is three weeks from being nationalized. The authorities "just" need another 170 Euros to transfer it. Well, well. After two weeks back in Sweden I do want to go back. I think I got the Preuilly-flu. And the last day in Preuilly we went to l'Image. White cloth and napkins and of course an outstanding meal. Far away from what you have to stuff your stomach with in a local resturant in Norrtalje. I really do want to go back, soon. -Today!
Bye says Bengt

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