Sunday 11 November 2007


The onset of winter has signalled the end of the 2007 building season. With no electricity or heating, the house is far too cold and dark to stay in. We will be visiting over winter to do small jobs, but we are waiting for a house in Australia to sell before we can get on with stuff like the staircase, installing the ecologically aware (and hopefully inexpensive to run) heating and converting the granary......

And a bathroom with hot water.

In the meantime, a photo of Preuilly from the back road to Boussay. You wouldn't believe from this photo that most of Preuilly is nestled in a valley


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Les Miserable said...

I'm an Aussie in Paris. I know Preuilly-sur-Claise - I've stayed in the Hotel near La Mairie. Great area! Taking my 4 year old boy down there this week to look at old chateaux. à bientôt, M.

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