Thursday 15 November 2007

The Chapel of Saint-Melaine

The ruin on the left of this photo is what remains of the chapel of Saint-Melaine. It was built in the 12th Century to replace an earlier chapel (circa 851), and "devastated" in 1562 by the protestants. (I'm sorry, but I can't give any more information on this devastation until my French reading skills are better).

The decorated column capitals were sold when the Chateau was restored at the beginning of the 20th Century and are now in the Cleveland Museum of Art. They can be seen here.



Anonymous said...

Thanks for the picture of Saint Melaine and for taking the trouble to provide a link to the Cleveland Museum of Art. It was good to be able to see the columns - just a pity that they aren't in a museum in France!

Susan said...


Indeed, on one level it is a shame tht the carvings are not still in France and there for those of us who know and love Preuilly to visit. On the other hand, we have just had a nice email from a student in Cleveland, who is doing a project on the Eglise Collegiale de Saint-Melaine. I am pleased that the carvings' new home has lead to someone so far away developing an interest in its history.


Anonymous said...

You're right - and how strange to get the email from the states. Your blog certainly gets Preuilly on the map! i bet the student was delighted to see pictures of the church as it is now.
Best wishes,

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