Friday, 30 November 2007

Shoes in Chatellerault

When I was in Chatellerault arranging to have the phone connected there was a market in the main square.

For some reason, the colours on this stall really interested me. I know the polka dots (and the prices) interest Susan.

Chatellerault is an interesting town. Like many French towns it is approached through the industrial area and this gives no indication at all of what the town itself is like. (I know that most towns the world over are approached through industrial areas, but this feels different. Maybe it's growing up in Canberra).

The town itself is built around a really quite wide and long square and has cafe's and fountains and stuff. We haven't really ever been to the town itself, mainly the station and hardware stores, of which it has many. We will probably spend a day in Chatellerault this Christmas putting this right.


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