Tuesday 9 October 2007

Suffering from withdrawal symptoms

The French have a word for do-it-yourself. The word is Bricolage, and it is a national past-time. No self respecting Frenchman would consider for a moment NOT building an extension onto his house, including doing his own masonary. Mad for it, they are

To cater for this, there are brico stores everywhere - Bricomarché, M.Bricaolage, Castorama, GammVert, Brico Dépôt - and they are only the chain stores. In addition, every supermarket and corner store carries a small range of tools, electric plugs, paint and sandpaper. Many carry a lot more besides.

I have been back in London for 2 weeks, which means I haven't been to a brico for at least two weeks. When restoring a house you can count on visiting a hardware shop every second day.

This is the first in an occasional series of "Brico shops I have visited". This one is Bricomarche in Yzeures.


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