Wednesday, 3 October 2007


On a previous post we received a comment about the cyclamen growing under the trees at the chateau.

Here they are.



Anonymous said...

So pleased that you have seen the cyclamen - they are spectacular, aren't they? Thanks for posting the picture. My husband and I follow your progress and reports from Preuilly with interest. We shall be going back in a couple of weeks, so perhaps we shall meet sometime.

Incidentally, what has happened about the bakery? Has it opened again. We are very worried about the cake situation!

Best wishes, Jill and John

Susan said...

We will await reports on the boulangerie from Bengt. When I left (Wed 26th) it was still shut

Anonymous said...

How specatular, I love cyclamen. I have one flowering at the moment out the fron, in bright pink. They last for ages.


Anonymous said...


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