Monday, 3 January 2022

We've been working

You may have noticed that things have been quiet around here. That's partially because it's Christmas and we have been keeping our heads below the parapet, but also partially because we have been uncommonly busy with clients for this time of the year.

As it has been unseasonably mild of late we used Claudette last week for one of the jobs. We went to Tours the day before to make sure that she would start for us - which she did, on the button - and also taking the opportunity to try out the new car wash which has been installed just around the corner from our garage in Saint Pierre des Corps.

We will be using the car wash again. Partially because it's so convinient, but also because it worked really well and gave us plenty of washing time to make sure the job could be done properly. The vacuum cleaner, usually unimpressive at public car washes, also worked well..


chm said...

I’m glad to know you were working. In these pandemic times things are so difficult!

Susan said...

chm: It does make getting in to Chenonceau slightly more complicated than normal.

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