Thursday 4 November 2021

View from a Walk

On Monday we walked around Charnizay on a walk that I led. It was a very pleasant morning, although the grass we walked through was wet and too long. These are some photos - you can tell it's Autumn.

We had planned to meet up afterwards with Niall and Antoinette for lunch at the newish restaurant in Charnizay, but we had forgotten it was a public holiday, and therefore closed. Instead we had a picnic with Ceri and James at their kitchen table. On the way home were got caught in a brief flurry of giboulée - very sudden, with sleety hail, and quite heavy.

You can tell it's Autumn.


Jean said...

Lovely pictures. I didn't know there was a new restaurant in Charnizay, one to try next time I think.

Simon said...

Jean it's the old Gargantua with a new team

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