Saturday 27 November 2021

De Prunner's Ringlet

De Prunner's Ringlet Erebia triaria (Fr. le Moiré printanier) is a rather rare (localised, but abundant where it occurs) Alpine species that we saw in the Haute Pyrénées while on holiday in July 2021. Like all the Alpine Ringlet species it is very difficult to identify to species level as they all look the same. I had to get expert help with this one, especially as it was flying a bit late in the season. 

De Prunner's Ringlet Erebia triaria, Haute Pyrenees, France. Photo by Loire Valley Time Travel.

They occur in dry poor grasslands between 800 and 2500 metres above sea level. This one was at about 2000 metres.

The plant in the photo is Basil Mint Acinos alpinus (Fr. Calament des Alpes).


chm said...

On the wings, with a magnifying glass, you can see the ocelles faintly.

chm said...

Is the blue flower a gentian?

chm said...

Sorry, Susan, I didn’t read the post far enough!

Susan said...

chm: we only saw a single gentian plant in the Pyrenees, quite near where I photographed this ringlet butterfly. Completely different to Switzerland a few years ago, where we saw over a dozen species of gentian.

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