Friday, 8 March 2019

First Cowslip 2019

Photographed by Susan from Loire Valley Time Travel.

As is traditional for the blog, here is a photograph of the first Cowslip Primula veris (Fr. coucou) that we have seen this year. Photographed yesterday at l'Abbaye (a farm on the site of a former abbey), near Le Grand Pressigny.

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Colin and Elizabeth said...

Great. We have one out in our garden.

Susan said...

Synchronised cowslips, eh?!

Katie Zeller said...

So that's a cowslip! I'm so clueless about the wildflowers. I always used to just ask my mother then promptly forget. Sadly, she's not around to help any longer. Our plum blossoms are finishing, but the hyacinths and forsythia are starting. I do love spring.

Susan said...

Hyacinths are out here too, if they are in the sun.

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