Friday 18 February 2022

Work on la Chapelle de Tous les Saints

We have written before about the chapel, and how approval has been granted for the next stage of work to commence. Starting the work had been delayed (I wonder what could have caused that), but now it is well under way.

Because it is currently a building site we haven't been in to inspect the work, so we will report on what's happening at a later date. It's good to see that slowly slowly things are returning to normal and the project is proceeding.


chm said...

Are the wall paintings being restored at the same time or is it for later?
As I seem to recall, the repairing of the roof was done first.

Susan said...

chm: the conservation of the wall paintings is next. Disappointingly, due to a technicality of the tendering process, it will not be Sabine and Corinne, who did the work on the ceiling. They and I are quite upset.

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