Saturday 26 February 2022

All Black Again

I wrote yesterday (actually I wrote on Thursday evening, but it published yesterday) about our adventures with electricity last Thursday morning.

I am glad I did, because at 2:10am yesterday morning the electricity flicked off, flicked on again, repeated the process, and then flicked off with a bang. The bang wasn't in our house but sounded like it had come from the street. After checking that it wasn't something in our house exploding I went to bed, only to be wakened twenty minutes later by flashing lights and a slowly moving truck

Susan assumed it was the garbage men, I assumed it was the electicity company, but after getting out of bed I discovered it was in fact the Fire Brigade. Speaking to one of the Pompiers confirmed that the electricity was "coupée" for a short time.

I have no idea what they were investigating, because a wander of the streets in the morning didn't show any obvious damage. Checking the "where has my electricity disappeared to" website showed that most of the northern half of Preuilly was without electricity but that they were on the job and normal service would be resumed at 08:00. At 08:30 that was amended to 14:00, and then the electricity returned at 10:30.

So you can share in our excitement, a short wobblecam video taken with Susan's phone.

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bonnie groves poppe said...

How very disconcerting! Things that go bang in the night are definitely not my favorite.
bonnie in Mazam

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