Monday 28 February 2022

Tinned Tuna


Tinned tuna in a French supermarket. Photo by Loire Valley Time Travel.

Recently I was shopping in the supermarket with an environmentally minded friend. She told me that of all the tinned tuna one can buy in France, SuperU's own brand is one of the most ethically sound choices (she'd got the information from Greenpeace). Phew! It's the one I buy, on the now rare occasions I buy tinned tuna. It's line caught and half the price of the fancy brands with Label Rouge certification. Win-win hopefully. But still not something to consume too much these days.


Le Pré de la Forge said...

"But still not something to consume too much these days."
We don't.... 3 tins a year probably.... but why?

Jean said...

I read somewhere that alabacore tuna is the best but it's not easy to find in the UK, and expensive when I have found it. We do like the occasional nicoise style of wrap but other than that rarely eat it.

Carolyn said...

At first I thought that was a photo of our pantry, but then I counted--we only have 38 cans of tuna. There's someone in this household who can't walk by the tuna or pasta sections in our favorite small grocery without stocking up when the price is right. He buys only a certain type of tuna and only packed in olive oil. So we have tuna salad once a week.

What I really marvel at in French grocery stores is the chocolate aisle. Talk about died and gone to heaven!

Susan said...

Pré de la Forge: over fished, horrendous bycatch if netted.

Jean: I can't remember which tuna species is supposed to be best, and the tins can be quite mysterious about which they contain.

Carolyn: Good grief!

chm said...

Off topic—Susan, I hope the flooding in Queensland is not affecting your family.

Susan said...

chm: not as far as I know. But I have friends who've had their family home flooded. They are currently in Europe so their son is fortunately on hand to deal with the mess -- poor guy.

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