Tuesday 1 September 2020

What's Wrong With This Tapestry?

Even I had to look closely. A glance told me there was something slightly off -- it was too bright and it didn't seem right, in comparison to the one next to it, which is part of the same set. But I had to go right up to it and peer to be certain that my suspicions were correct.

The tapestry on the left is actually a photo. The one on the right is real.
Real tapestry (right) and photograph hung while real tapestry in conservation (left). Chateau of Chenonceau. Indre et Loire. France. Photo by Loire Valley Time Travel.

The tapestry on the left is actually a high definition photo, hung there in the real tapestry's absence. It is off for conservation work. It will be cleaned and any weak areas invisibly strengthened, using careful hand stitching.

These tapestries are 17th century, made in Brussels, and hang in the Césare de Vendome bedroom at Chenonceau. They are part of a series called the Cycle of Ceres, depicting the changing seasons. They have particularly beautiful fruit and flower garland filled borders, typical of 17th century Brussels tapestries.


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