Thursday 10 September 2020

Picnicking on the Island

Our friend Summer organises monthly gatherings in Amboise of expats and families known as the Loire ConneXion [link]. Naturally, since Covid19 appeared these have not happened. Normally we meet in one or other of the local bars, but they have either been closed, or it is too difficult for them to host the group. Matt, seated on the right foreground, who owns a brew pub, explained to me that they can't have more than ten people to a table, and people are not allowed to mingle between tables. This is policed and the fine is €1500 for the restaurant owner and €375 for each of the individuals involved. Since the Loire ConneXion often has 20 - 40 people it just wasn't practical. So Summer suggested the group have a picnic, while the weather was still good. We held the picnic on the day our meetings always scheduled, which is the first Friday of the month, and 4 September was glorious, warm and pleasant right through the evening till dark and we packed up and went home.

Picnicking on the Ile d'Or, Amboise, Indre et Loire, France. Photo by Loire Valley Time Travel.
I'm talking to Jérémy on the left.

She chose the Cedar of Lebanon on the Ile d'Or in the middle of the Loire River in Amboise. There were Australians, French, Russian, English and American participants. Simon and I enjoyed catching up with Summer herself (Californian, works for a wine boutique and as a concierge), Olivier (French, fellow Traction owner), Andrea and Jérémy (she's from New York, he's French and they do holiday accomodation and organic farming) and Katie and Matt (she's American, he's French and they own Art is an Ale [link]). We haven't chatted with any of them for months and they are such nice people.


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chm said...

Did you see the Leonardo da Vinci statue on this island?

Susan said...

Not this time, we were the other end, but I'm quite familiar with the statue which is now apparently Leonardo (although it wasn't when it was first erected).

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