Sunday, 13 September 2020

Iron Lace

Verandah railings, Glengallan Homestead, Queensland, Australia. Photo by Loire Valley Time Travel.


The verandah railings at Glengallan Homestead, in south-east Queensland, Australia, are very typical of 19th century Australian architectural details. This type of verandah railing is called 'iron lace' and is made of cast iron. It would most likely have been produced in Britain and shipped out to Australia, as Glengallan was built a few years before there were many Australian foundaries producing this sort of decorative work. Nowadays it is too low to meet current health and safety regulations, and since the building is open to the public, an additional higher cable has had to be installed, as discreetly as possible, since it is a listed building.


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chm said...

Lovely railing. Was it made only for decorative rather than protective?

Susan said...

That verandah is a long way up, so it was definitely protective first and decorative second. But people were shorter, and there were no rules about minimum heights for railings.

Jean said...

Beautiful railings. Wouldn't mind some like that, if I had anywhere to put them!

Susan said...

Very simple and restrained compared to many you see.

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