Wednesday, 17 June 2020

The Discotheque

Rural discotheque.  Indre et Loire, France. Photographed by Susan Walter. Tour the Loire Valley with a classic car and a private guide.

This, I think, is our nearest discotheque or night club (Fr. boîte de nuit). It's at Draché, which is a good 40 minutes away, in a former manor house, stuck out in the middle of the Sainte Maure plateau, to our north-west. 

It costs €15 to get in, they feature guest DJs and offer a shuttle service so that the police are less tempted to lie in wait for emerging clientele. In normal times their capacity is 180 people, but obviously they are closed at the moment due to Covid19. It's been through several incarnations since we've lived here. A quick read of their Facebook page reveals that the locals who've been don't have a very high opinion of the entertainments on offer there.


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melinda said...

curious what it looks like inside.....

Susan said...

I have seen pictures of the interior, but can't currently find them. Think combination diner and brothel.

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