Monday, 16 March 2020


On Saturday night the Prime Minister of France ordered the closure of all "non-essential" commerce beginning at midnight on Saturday. He said that groceries, pharmacies, tobacconists and petrol stations can remain open. “I have decided to close all non-essential locations, notably cafés, restaurants, cinemas, nightclubs and shops,” he said. “We must absolutely limit our movements.”

This means that all museums, art galleries and chateaux have closed until further notice. This has had an immediate effect on our business as Susan was supposed to be doing three days of walking tours of chateaux, starting yesterday. We have also had three other multi-day tours cancelled.

It's spring!

Luckily there is no ban on going out of the house, so yesterday we went on a little walk in the countryside. It was a lovely warm spring day, and our friends Alison and Bob joined us. We were, of course, sensible - no bises, no handshakes, and we maintained a healthy 1.5 metre personal space gap between us. The above photos were taken on the walk.

It would be ironic if the lockdown meant that we went walking in the country more often.


sillygirl said...

We live outside Seattle Washington - one of the states with almost everything closed. Many people were out walking yesterday - the sun came out and people are tired of being inside. So maybe people are getting healthier! I talked with several people that felt they may have already had the virus - don't know if the tests can detect that but I hope so.

Susan said...

We are on complete confinement from midday today. I will make one last dash to the laundromat and supermarket. But I don't know a single person who has had or even thinks they have had the virus.

Colin and Elizabeth said...

Extract from this morning 17th March... How will this affect walking in the countryside??Hope it doesn't come to this in the UK...

Everyone must therefore complete this document to prove that the reason for their displacement justifies leaving their home. On the Internet, the government details the only reasons that will be accepted by the
police during the controls: -To move from his home to his workplace when telework is not possible
-Purchase first necessary in authorized
local shops - Go to a health
professional - Move to look after your children and support vulnerable people
- Exercise only on an individual basis, around the home and without any gathering

The violation of the confinement rules will be punished by a fine of 38 euros, which will rise to 135 euros in a second step. "Any infraction will be punished," said Christophe Castaner.

Susan said...

You can still go out walking so long as you are on your own and have the form. Simon is out right now walking.

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