Monday, 26 February 2007

A final day's work

20 February 2007

Having got all the doors open yesterday we decided that it was time to remove the rubbish left in the house. Susan had found a pile of tarpaulins and an old rug in the cupboard under the stairs which were holding a great lake of water. We shifted them (and a load of other stuff left lying around the house) and then completed the painting of the little storeroom. The room was a patchwork of colours and layers of paint before we started, so it will need another coat next time we go back.
The kitchen, windows open but awaiting clearing.
M.Galland the couvrier arrived to measure our gutter for replacing. Whereas every other French person has informed us that we have "beaucoup de travail" (just in case we hadn't noticed it for ourselves) M. Galland tells us a bird starts a nest with one twig. This is most reassuring! We don't feel quite so daunted by the amount of work in front of us when M.Galland seems unsurprised by what we are planning to do.

We also cleared the remaining ivy and ferns that were growing out of the walls in the back garden. This has made a huge difference, and the house is starting to look a little cared for again.

After we cleaned everything up and put everything away (and having hung a curtain in the storeroom) we re-screwed shut all the windows and doors returned to the gite to clean up in readiness for leaving back to London.


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