Saturday, 14 May 2022

Working at Chambord

Usually our posts on Saturday are about somewhere further afield, and although Chambord is in the Loire Valley and one of the chateaux people think they want to see, we very rarely go there. It's an outlier, and adds at least an hour onto the time our visitors spend in the car. Chambord has its points - the exterior is great and it makes an excellent photo op, but now the exterior grandeur is mostly hidden as all six towers are being restored.

We were at Chambord last Thursday with clients. It was nice to visit somewhere that we don't get to that often, but it does make for a long and tiring day behind the wheel - in this case, 280km in Claudette.


chm said...

What is interesting about the chateau de Chambord is that if it looks symetrical, the details are not and offer a great variety very delicately rendered in the overall massiveness.

Susan said...

chm: yes, good point.

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