Wednesday, 18 May 2022

Claudette's Seats

We bought Claudette in March 2013. Since then we have done a fair bit of mechanical work, but her interior has remained original. That is about to change. A couple of years ago the fabric on the back of the drivers seat tore. The tear was worsened by the back pocket button on the driver's trousers until we bought the world's cheapest seat cover from NorAuto to tide us over until we could get the work done.

Then, just as we were about to make the move to re-upholster the seats before the 2020 season, covid struck, and seat covers were suddenly either not available or very expensive. Prices have returned to pre-plagues levels so we have bought a set.

Originally we intended to recover the seats ourselves, but they are properly upholstered seats with horsehair and coil springs and webbing straps, and in need of expert attention. So as you are reading this we are taking the seats to le Blanc to be re-upholstered by a professional who happens to also own a Traction Avant. Claudette looks quite empty.

Removing the seats from a Traction Avant is quite easy, as long as you don't factor in 30C heat, sweat in the eyes, and working in direct sunlight in a black car.

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