Friday, 6 January 2017

The Mayor's New Year Wishes

This evening we will be attending the annual New Year ceremony hosted by the mayor. He will give a speech outlining the council's achievements during the old year and what they plan to do in the new. After the speechifying and award giving the citizens will gather for a celebratory drink in the salle des fêtes.


  1. And a chunk of galette! Mustn't forget the galette.... or don't Proolie have that tradition?

    1. Yes, you are quite right. There will be galette galore.

    2. No longer do we have galette we discovered last night....
      just adulterated 'kibble' and nuts!!

    3. Poor you! We had the big flat coconut macarons and brioche style galettes des rois. Simon got a fêve (he thought he'd lost a filling!) We also had Marisol Touraine, the CG deputy whose name I can't remember and Gérard Henault for company.