Thursday, 26 October 2006

10 Things I think I have learned so far

This buying a house in another language lark has thrown up some interesting issues:

1 The French don't appear to have a word for surveyor. They have "le géomètre", but he is one who does the surveys for lead and asbestos when you buy a house, not a general survey.

2 Ikea Furniture is cheaper by about 10% than it is in the UK. This doesn't mean we will be buying any, but it is interesting.

3 A light switch is an "interrupteur", and they come in better styles than the standard UK light switch. Some of them are even quite attractive.

4 Having a road accident in France can be less traumatic than in the UK, because there isn't a statutory requirement to leave the cars in the middle of the road and have a shouting match.

5 The French talk about the weather as much as the English or Australians do.

6 French Bureaucracy is apparently not a lot worse than any other kind, just different and done in a different language. Watch this space, however, things may change.

7 You can never have enough hairdressers. One hairdresser for every 300 head of population is about right.

8 The French YellowPages is available in English here. How good and useful is that?

9 Second hand cars are more expensive in France than the UK, because the French dont sell on after 3 years. They also do a lot more miles than in the UK. The price of fuel isn't a lot different. This is contrary to what the "Rip Off Britain" people would have you believe.

10 I thought context might have improved him, but even when you are in France, Johnny Halliday..............


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