Wednesday 15 November 2006

So far so exciting

We are currently preparing ourselves for another trip to Preuilly. This time we will be signing for the property, paying over the money and meeting a builder about the roof.

So far we have done the money transfer from Australia to France, with the money for the house arriving in the Notaire's account last week - which makes us look really organised. The house insurance is all signed and sealed and last week our French bank card arrived, so at last (we hope) we can access our account and buy petrol on a Sunday afternoon. The banking thing has been really interesting, but not totally stress free.. dealing with 4 different institutions in 3 countries has really complicated the timins - wait for one place to do what you've asked, then you find out you have missed a deadline for another institution. We almost have them all organised and in line, so next transfer should just about go smoothly.

As we found when we moved from Australia to the UK, these things aren't intrinsically difficult. The things that really trip you up are the rules that no-one tells you, because "everyone knows that". It must come in the water when you're growing up. For instance; French current accounts aren't allowed by law to pay interest. Anyone growing up in France knows this...but as newcomers, it comes as a surprise. We only found out when we asked about interest rates - the bank were as surprised by the question as we were by the answer. It also comes as a surprise when you find out you have to actually pay for a card to get your money out. And as for the chequebook............ We can only hope the bank are open and able to explain that to us when we're next in Preuilly!

This time around we will be flying into Limoges (yet another new airport for us) and driving from there. It's a two hour drive according to Mappy, taking us via Montmorillon and St Savin, and hopefully finding a nice Routier for lunch en route. We will be stopping of at Intermarche and Bricomarche (the supermarket and hardware superstore) in Yzeures-sur-creuse to start our new collection of tools and household staples. We plan to do some work in the garden cutting back brambles and ivy on Monday afternoon, so secateurs and gloves will be the first purchase.


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