Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Another view of St Savin

Why an abbey needs a crenellated tower quite a butch as this is beyond my comprehension, but maybe it's a later addition - or not even really part of the abbey.

When you get behind the abbey things are not nearly so neat and ordered. This part looks like it needs some loving care and attention.



Anonymous said...

This part of the abbey was known as the "château" and was the property of M. Édoux, of "Ets. Édoux-Samain," a Parisian lift or elevator builder of the late 19th and 20th century who was a friend of my father's. M. Édoux built this faux medieval tower to encase a hydraulic elevator, what else!
The building between the chateau and the church was the "gendarmerie". It has been vacated and is being rehabilitated.

Susan said...

Thanks for that - just the sort of information I was hoping to discover when I started to blog!

chm said...

I should have mentioned at the time that Monsieur Édoux was a native of Saint-Savin.

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