Saturday 27 April 2024

A Town Called Rubiera

Rubiera is a town in the Province of Reggio Emilia in the Italy, and is about 10 kilometres west of Modena. We stayed there for one night last year on our way down to Florence.

We stayed in a really nice, old fashioned, but very clean and comfortable 3*** hotel that just happens to have a Michelin starred restaurant. Unfortunately, the restaurant doesn't open on Sunday nights, which is probably the reason we were able to stay in an elegant, old world 3*** hotel with free breakfast for 40€. But more of that another day.

It was stinking hot when we arrived, but we had to have a proper walk around as it's the first time either of us had been in a small Italian regional town. And it properly lived up to all the clichés. There's a much altered early medieval castle in the middle of town, plenty of old buildings with arcaded fronts, and lots of colours.

The Town Hall. Deep arcades, and an Amnesty International banner. Rubiera has had a reputation for being a humanitarian town since before WW2.

Colourful stucco and a blue sky: the streets of Rubiera.

Shade is important on a hot day.

The remnants of the castle, right on the market square in the middle of town.

I knew nothing about Rubiera before we arrived, because I was treating it as just a stop along the way to Florence. Now I look at the photos and wish we'd had more time and a bit more focus.

Maybe next time.

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