Wednesday 15 May 2024

Le Dolmen de la Grotte aux Fées

We had a day off in Tours on Monday. We started off with a slow breakfast in a nice café, and followed that with a stroll around the cathedral and a visit to the Musée des Beaux Arts.

After some shopping and a bite of lunch we went for a little explore, ending up in a field north of Tours.

Le Dolmen de la Grotte aux Fées was built overnight by a team of fairies. Either that or it's three huge stones which were balanced on 8 smaller stones about 7000 years ago by a neolithic community as a communal burial chamber. But by "smaller" we're talking huge, and by "three huge stones" we're talking properly massive. It's estimated the whole ensemble of stones weighs over 88 tonnes. It's over 11 metres long, divided into two chambers, and shards of worked stone were found in the soil inside. One of the stones is a polisoir, a hard stone used for grinding and sharpening stone axes.

It's proper big!

It can be found here

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