Thursday 30 March 2023

A Week on the Road part1

As Susan said yesterday we spent last week on the road.

Our original plan was to catch the train to Amsterdam, but tickets for the Vermeer exhibition were being snapped up quickly and had we waited for the train tickets to become available we might have missed out on exhibition tickets. For some unknown reason the TGV and Thalys tickets for mid March weren't released until six weeks before the date we wanted to travel. Anyways...

I decided to drive via the smaller roads, not paying tolls, seeing some countryside, and putting faces to names. (Do places have faces? That's probably a debate for another time.)

Our first day was to Troyes,  345km, where we stayed the night. 

On the second day we drove to Tervuren, stopping for lunch at Rocroi on the Franco/Belgian border and the Waterloo battle memorials. 335km.

Our third day of driving was from Tervuren to Amsterdam via Alexander and Caroline's new chateau in Antwerp. Because we had missed it the day before, we went via Ghent then got caught in the mahoosive permanent traffic jam that is Antwerp. 308km

Each day we spent at least five hours driving, stopping when we saw something that might be interesting. It wasn't the fastest trip, but it was an appropriate trip for two mature people with plenty of time on their hands. And it gives us plenty of things to blog about.


Le Pré de la Forge said...

"then got caught in the mahoosive permanent traffic jam that is Antwerp"....
you needed Pauline with you for that.... she got us both across Antwerp without a problem on an overcast day... and without a map.... she has the navigational instincts of a homing pigeon.... I just did what she said!

Carolyn said...

Looking forward to the details. I appreciate the maps to locate your route and your stops.

We think that's the best way to travel. The only thing is, at every stop I realize there's more of interest than we have time to see that day and we'll have to come back. That's half of France we need to return to!

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